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About us

Rafael CerritosCEO and Lead Designer

Rafael is a second generation builder and designer. His late father, Don Esteban Cerritos was a contractor, and since an early age, took Rafael with him to work and learn the construction trade. In high school, Rafael excelled in math classes and joined a drafting class. From there, his passion for design exploded. He was chosen by Janet Bussell to be a lead designer for Cher’s home in Malibu. Rafael also apprenticed under the great celebrity architect, Robert L Earl and adopted many of his design styles while developing his own.

Lucila CerritosExecutive Administrator

Before joining RC Design Group in 2021, Lucila “Lucy” Cerritos was a teacher for 15 years for charter schools throughout Los Angeles County. She is detail orientated, highly relational and a proficient communicator. She will ensure all needs are addressed and will bring the personal touch to all of your project details.